Submission Deadlines
Full-paper: April 22, 2015
Abstract-only: May 11, 2015

(Full papers may still be submitted and considered for Journal publication after this date.
However, they will not be eligible for a Best Paper award and
only the abstract will be published in the Proceedings)

May 20th, 21st, and 22nd, 2015
Nashville, TN
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Academic Business World
International Conference

The aim of Academic Business World is to promote inclusiveness in research by offering a forum for the discussion of research in early stages as well as research that may differ from ‘traditional’ paradigms. We wish our conferences to have a reputation for providing a peer-reviewed venue that is open to the full range of researchers in business as well as reference disciplines within the social sciences.

Business Disciplines
Papers in all traditional areas of business as well as any of the reference disciplines are solicited, with particular emphasis on papers in early development stages and papers involved with non-traditional paradigms. Submit papers in any of the following tracks:

  • Accounting Track
  • Economics Track
  • Finance Track
  • Information Systems Track
  • Management (General) Track
  • Management (POM) Track
  • Management (HRM) Track
  • Marketing Track
  • General Business Track

Academic Business World (ABW) sponsors an annual international conference for the exchange of research ideas and practices within the traditional business disciplines. The aim of each Academic Business World conference is to provide a forum for the discussion of research within business and reference disciplines in the social sciences. A secondary but important objective of the conference is to encourage the cross pollination of disciplines by bringing together professors, from multiple countries and disciplines, for social and intellectual interaction.

International Conference on
Learning and Administration in Higher Education

All too often learning takes a back seat to discipline related research. The International Conference on Learning and Administration in Higher Education seeks to focus exclusively on all aspects of learning and administration in higher education. We wish to bring together, a wide variety of individuals from all countries and all disciplines, for the purpose of exchanging experiences, ideas, and research findings in the processes involved in learning and administration in the academic environment of higher education.
We encourage the submission of manuscripts and abstracts in either of the following areas:

We encourage the submission of manuscripts pertaining to pedagogical topics. We believe that much of the learning process is not discipline specific and that we can all benefit from looking at research and practices outside our own discipline. The ideal submission would take a general focus on learning rather than a discipline-specific perspective. For example, instead of focusing on “Motivating Students in Group Projects in Marketing Management”, you might broaden the perspective to “Motivating Students in Group Projects in Upper Division Courses” or simply “Motivating Students in Group Projects” The objective here is to share your work with the larger audience.

Academic Administration
We encourage the submission of manuscripts pertaining to the administration of academic units in colleges and universities. We believe that many of the challenges facing academic departments are not discipline specific and that learning how different departments address these challenges will be beneficial. The ideal paper would provide information that many administrators would find useful, regardless of their own disciplines.



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